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Surveying with a Robot


In 2009 JM Associates invested in a TOPCON  Robotic Total Stations survey package.  Typical field survey crews consist of 2 people - an Instrument Man (or woman) and a Rodman (or woman). The Instrument Man stands behind the tripod and directs the Rodman.

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If you would like to see a demonstration of the Robot contact us to find out when we will be working in your area.

The “Robot” takes the place of the Instrument Man and is controlled by the Rodman via a field controller. In fact, not only does the Robot take the place of the Instrument Man but due to some pretty slick technology it is actually faster than even the most experienced Instrument Man.


The bottom line is that expensive man-hours are reduced which reduces our bottom line and when our bottom line goes down your bottom line goes down! Technology working for you.

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